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What Is Behind Food Supplements?

Taking supplements is becoming popular in the world of sport. They are invading the drug market. They come in many forms: capsules, batteries, powder, etc. But do we know what is behind them? Who are they really destined for? Are they essential for athletes?

Generally, a healthy and balanced diet provides us with all the recommended nutrients. Food supplements are only useful in special periods – stress, fatigue – where nutrients are missing.This is why athletes, due to their pace of life, take it. Indeed, the pace of life that we lead can interfere with the balance of food.

What is it exactly ?

Food supplements are foodstuffs. They come in many forms: capsules, tablets, ampoules, capsules, etc. They are rich in vitamins, and nutrients. They are aimed at people with nutritional deficiencies. Food supplements have been developed to prevent different health problems.Today, we use them for various reasons. Indeed, they are taken in order to find well-being, beauty, form, tone, etc.

When is it necessary to take dietary supplements?

There are no specific times to take dietary supplements. They are to be taken only after medical advice. It is the doctor who prescribes what kind of supplement is adequate to our condition. Self-medication is strongly discouraged. Medical advice is necessary to ensure that there are no contraindications.

Are they recommended for athletes?

Between workouts, work, privacy, athletes always try to find the right balance to stay in top form. It is not easy ! Food supplements help them to compensate for deficiencies. However, they are not inconsequential. For athletes , nutritional supplements claim to develop muscle or burn fat. However, as side effects, supplements can be cardiovascular (tachycardia, arrhythmia and stroke) and psychic (anxiety disorders and mood disorders). These problems affect sports activities. Worst ! These problems can be irreversible.

Did you know ?

You should never take two dietary supplements at a time. They can become toxic once mixed.

Continued intake of certain dietary supplements can make a positive anti-doping test.

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