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Parsley, medicinal herb

Its flavor appeals in the kitchen, and that's good because its leaves and stems make it a real ally of our health.

Donkey kicks: how to perform this exercise of weight training of glutes?

Want to have round buttocks and firm? Test the donkey kicks, the ideal exercise to strengthen the glutes. Donkey kicks:...

How to get a grip on pain while running

When Torsten asked me some time ago whether I would like to participate as a guest in his endurance blog podcast ,...

What I learned in 2020 and what will bring you in the endurance blog in 2021

Can you actually do a review of 2020 without using the C word? Not really, right?

The top 15 foods rich in vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for the body. To avoid any deficiency, it should be refueled. But where is this vitamin found? Find...

“If I can do it …” – 10 stories from beginners

At the start of every runner course here with me, it's actually always the same. There is skepticism. And...

Why training plans don’t work at the start of a run (and what you need instead)

It's a little strange when a provider of training plans to start running writes an article that tells you that a beginner's...

OCR racing – a different way of running

I love organized running events of all kinds. It doesn't matter whether it's a fun run, charity run or marathon, or whether...